CBN Complaints –
policies and procedures

Inevitably the world of journalism and local newspaper publishing can involve complaints by  members of the public, individuals, community groups and others that may be mentioned in stories. 

CBN practices Professional Complaints handling always. CBN takes all complaints very seriously and  strives to act on every complaint quickly and professionally. 

CBN provides a clear and prominent display in each edition which contains contact details for key  people at our newspapers. 

Any person with a compliant should direct their initial communication to these sources. Complaints  received by telephone, mail, email or message format will be handled directly by the editor. 

The editor will then consult the journalist or contributor as required, with every effort made to  resolve the complaint in the first instance so that it does not escalate CBN will acknowledge and  correct or clarify content in an appropriate manner as soon as reasonably practicable. 

This includes significant errors that are clear or have been demonstrated or information that is likely  to mislead significantly and materially. 

Listening to and responding to complaints – and acting when warranted – is vital to our public profile  and reputation of delivering quality local journalism. We acknowledge problems when they do occur  and do so in a way that builds trust with the public. 

Our approach to complaints should be proportionate, respectful and timely and focused on resolving  matters to the mutual satisfaction of the parties concerned. Not every complaint requires an  elaborate and detailed response. 

Many readers simply want to feel that they have been respectfully heard, understood and  acknowledged. If the complaint makes a valid point and we can act immediately to address the  issue, we will. 

If the complaint is serious and is not resolved, it will be referred on for independent legal review. 

The complainant may also be directed to the Australian Press Council for independent review. APC  has a Complaints section on its web site which may be viewed at:

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