Editorial guidelines

CBN always strives to maintain the highest levels of integrity, fairness, professionalism, transparency  and quality production in its Editorial Department. 

We recognise the vital role of a free press in maintaining and promoting Australia’s democratic principles and free enterprise system. 

Under these essential principles, we aim to provide our community with the very best professional  news-magazine and web site we can aspire to and which provides them with a unique coverage of  our community. 

Fairness is the key to our editorial policy. We strive to produce a fair and unbiased presentation  written and presented to the highest standards of journalism and community engagement. 

We ensure that editorial decisions are not improperly influenced by political, sectional, commercial  or personal interests. 

We do welcome editorial submissions and article ideas from businesses, organisations and general  readers. These will be judged on their merit in the context of delivering quality journalistic coverage  of our community. 

CBN recognises the important right of the public to play a key and central role in our editorial  presentation. 

This includes the right to present legitimate Complaints about our coverage. All our stories are written and presented in the best interests of the public and their right to be fully informed of  matters as they affect their lives and environment. 

For any clarification on the above or to discuss a matter relating to guidelines, standards or  coverage in CBN publications please contact: The Editor info@accessnews.com.au 

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