The super canvas indigenous art project for Parramatta Square

LANG Walker AO’s love of indigenous art has taken pride of place in the lobby of the freshly minted 6 Parramatta Square with a specially commissioned super canvas.

Walker acquired the piece by artist Yaritji Young called Honey Ant Dreaming for the grand entry wall of the newest commercial office building in the $3.2B precinct.

“I love the colour and the energy this incredible canvas gives people as they see it for the first time in the new 6 Parramatta Square lobby,” said Mr Walker.

“This is a beautiful 8 x 6 metre canvas which symbolises the buzz of activity mirroring the hard work of honey ants.

“As we all come back to the office post pandemic, Parramatta Square will be a thriving hive of activity and I look forward to all of our tenants enjoying the vibrancy this artwork brings to the lobby.”

Over the coming year, Walker will reveal four more exclusively commissioned artworks for both 6 Parramatta Square and the adjoining 8 Parramatta Square, Western Sydney’s tallest tower.

Artist Yaritji Young is a celebrated member of the Tjala community and her largest work yet, offers a unique representation of land, spirituality and rich family history.

“I have used colours from the landscape in my painting. After big rain everything starts to grow, the landscape that was once a deep dark red is covered with a blanket of green and colour, it’s full of life and new energy,” said Ms Young.

Yaritji’s work features the rock holes and landmarks of her country, entwined with icons and traditional marks that relate to inma (dance) and tjukurpa (dreaming).

The twisted lines and shapes mimic tunnels and formations made by the tjala honey ant.

These qualities form a bridge between her country and the site where the painting will be enjoyed by the Parramatta community; the buzz of activity mirroring the arduous work of the honey ants.

Known for their vibrant use of colour and energetic mark making, ethical art works by Tjala artists are prized by collectors across Australia and abroad and held in the National Gallery of Australia, The Art Gallery of NSW, The National Gallery of Victoria and The Art Gallery of South Australia.

Image: Yaritji Young and Honey Ant Dreaming.


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