NBN bureaucrats holding us back

BUSINESSES that underpin the first-rate city will not come to Parramatta without the NBN.

Parramatta Chamber of Commerce president Schon Condon was commenting on Federal MP Julie Owens’s campaign to have the NBN installed in what is regarded as Sydney’s second CBD.

Mr. Condon said Parramatta was being hindered by remaining on the “to do” list of NBN installation, more than two years since it has been rolled out in other areas across Australia.

“Large parts of the CBD just don’t have the NBN and while the existing businesses are coping, those hi-tech and creative businesses are not coming here because they need the high speeds,” Mr. Condon said.

“A first-rate city needs those types of businesses – graphic artists, IT developers, and the like – and they are avoiding Parramatta.”

Mr. Condon said the Chamber had approached the “NBN bureaucrats” numerous times but business entreaties were falling on deaf ears”.

“We are not getting answers as to why Parramatta is still waiting for the NBN,” he said.

The Federal Government recently announced it would spend $4.5B on upgrading the NBN network to fiber to homes and businesses, on-demand. Ms. Owens, as Parramatta MP, is campaigning to have Parramatta connected to the upgraded technology as soon as possible.

“Parramatta is the second CBD, yet parts of Parramatta CBD, Rosehill and Harris Park will not be connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN) until 2022,” Ms. Owens said.

“This pretty much makes Parramatta the last on the list.

“Meanwhile, while Parramatta waits and waits and waits, the Morrison Government is going to spend $4.5B to rebuild the NBN with fiber for 10 million homes and businesses that are already connected.”

Ms. Owens fears that as the Government upgrades the existing system, Parramatta was still headed for the “second-rate NBN”.

The Times has contacted Infrastructure Australia for comment, which we hope to feature in our next edition.

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