New Lecca store gives free gelato – just on March 11

THE first ever Lecca Gelato Store will celebrate its grand opening at Rouse Hill Town Centre by giving away free Gelato on March 11.

Lecca is an exciting new brand bringing featuring a 100% authentic Italian gelato experience – in a novel new concept.

You see, the Lecca ‘dreamy creamy-ness’ is made right in front of your eyes.

“It’s all about that just-churned batch, ensuring the freshest experience possible for your palate,” a spokesperson said.

“Freshness is our obsession, as we believe that this is where true quality is born is the credo of the brand.”

“We make our product on the spot and keep it churning to ensure you get the creamiest and best tasting gelato you have ever tasted – that’s the ethos of Lecca.

“Founded in Sydney with a passion born in Italy, Lecca’s range of traditional flavors, mixed with your own personal creations, will have you coming back again and again.”

To celebrate the very first Lecca store opening, at Rouse Hill Town Centre, Lecca is holding the March 11 Free Gelato Day from 10am to 4pm. Entry to the store is via the Food Court.

“Everyone can enjoy a cup of gelato and experience their soon-to-be new gelato obsession on Lecca,” the spokesperson said.

“Lecca, an Italian word meaning ‘to lick’ is the ultimate customisable experience designed to elevate your already next level gelato with various premium ‘ripples’ and ‘inclusions’.

“For example, your freshly churned chocolate gelato will become a next level experience with Nutella fudge and freshly roasted hazelnuts. Or, why not try a freshly churned salted caramel gelato with Oreo crumb and white chocolate crunch fudge.”

The free gelato offering will be a small cup of gelato of your flavor of choice from the freshly churned selection on offer, plus a select range of their unique ripples and inclusions.

For true Italian gelato aficionados, a set-to-be-cult experience is the Lecca ‘gelato toasty’. It is a brioche bun filled with a scoop of fresh gelato and ripple of your choosing. This is then toasted and topped with powdered sugar. 

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