Embracing hybrid vehicles

MOTORISTS in outer suburban areas are embracing the federal government’s discount for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, per latest data from NALSPA. Suburbs like Werribee, Tarneit, Kellyville, Riverstone, and Baulkham Hills rank among top ten for novated leases of BEVs/PHEVs since the discount started. EV uptake spiked after the government applied the EV fringe benefit tax exemption in July 2022. NALSPA estimates over 40% of new BEVs/PHEVs are bought through novated leases. The discount makes EVs financially viable, particularly for everyday Australians. PHEVs are popular as a transitional choice

Breast cancer drug support

BREAST Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) supports the recommendation for government subsidy of the breast cancer drug Enhertu, yet urges AstraZeneca to lower costs. The drug is inaccessible to many due to high co-payments. BCNA calls for swift PBS listing. Enhertu targets HER2-low metastatic breast cancer, offering crucial treatment options. Patients face financial burden and delays. System reform is needed for faster access.

Men’s violence action urged

RELATIONSHIPS Australia NSW (RANSW) urges urgent action from the NSW Government following the tragic murder of Molly Ticehurst, emphasizing the need for sustained funding to tackle men’s violence against women. RANSW CEO Elisabeth Shaw stresses the importance of adequately funding domestic violence services and Men’s Behaviour Change Programs (MBCPs). With 235 men on waitlists, immediate action and long-term funding are vital to combatting this pervasive issue.

Drop in lower rentals

SUBURBTRENDS analysis reveals a sharp drop in rentals below $400 per week, posing challenges for low-income earners nationwide. Founder Kent Lardner warns of an impending economic crisis as affordable options dwindle. This trend not only strains finances but also disrupts communities and essential services. Kent advocates for immediate solutions like emergency accommodation while pursuing long-term strategies to combat rising construction costs and ensure housing affordability for all Australians.

Unions want knife action

NSW unions urge the government to grant police non-invasive knife search powers. Dubbed “wanding” searches, these would allow metal detector use without warrants. Inspired by Queensland’s ‘Jack’s Law,’ the measure aims to curb knife-related crime. Unions stress the importance of safety for frontline workers and the community. They call for proactive measures to prevent incidents and ensure public safety.

Need for remote work 

THE rising cost of living in Australia strains household budgets, especially with commuting expenses soaring. The Australian Commute report indicates an average annual cost of $5020 per person for commuting. With Opal fares up by 3.7%, the strain on workers intensifies. Experts advocate for remote work options to alleviate financial burdens and improve work-life balance. However, urban sprawl and city infrastructure challenges complicate commuting efficiency and affordability, necessitating hybrid work models for sustainable solutions.

Warning to dog owners
WITH home ownership declining and living costs rising, young people may overlook home and contents insurance. However, as dog owners, insurance is crucial to avoid legal and financial troubles. Peter Mileto from Slater and Gordon Lawyers highlights the lack of mandate for dog owner insurance, leaving them vulnerable to liabilities from dog attacks. He urges dog owners to consider insurance to protect themselves and potential victims.

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