Open to dating single parents

A RECENT eharmony survey indicates that online daters are more open to dating single parents. Over 70% of respondents wouldn’t be deterred by a partner having children. 52% of male daters would happily date single moms, while 61% of female daters view single dads positively, seeing them as more committed to relationships. Around 63% of single parents prefer dating someone else with children. 80% of respondents are comfortable being involved in their partner’s children’s lives. Single parents face challenges in dating due to time constraints and budget concerns. eharmony’s Compatibility Matching System helps match compatible partners based on personality and values.

Gamming reform roadmap

NSW Government has formed an independent panel for gaming reform roadmap, combating gambling harm and money laundering. Chaired by Michael Foggo, the panel includes experts from law enforcement, academics, and industry. It will oversee a cashless gaming trial and suggest reforms. Privacy protection will be prioritized, with input from Cyber Security NSW and NSW Police. Recommendations for cashless gaming in hotels and clubs will be provided, along with an implementation roadmap by November 2024. Additionally, a ClubGRANTS Scheme review will be conducted. Previous reforms include banning gaming room signage and reducing poker machine entitlements and cash input limits. Political donations from clubs with pokies are also banned.

False climate change claims

THE Climate Council urges Australian Parliament to address false climate claims from fossil fuel giants. In a recent submission, they expose 10 corporations with questionable climate plans. The Council insists on action to cut emissions drastically, highlighting how supposed net-zero targets are contradicted by fossil fuel expansion. They call for a ban on misleading ‘carbon neutral’ claims, requiring genuine emission reduction efforts, and prioritizing total life cycle emission reduction. Parliament must crack down on greenwashing to ensure real climate action. 

Need for Red Cross volunteers

AS disasters increase in Australia, the demand for Australian Red Cross emergency services is rising. NSW requires more of the 1,200 volunteers who play a vital role in supporting communities during crises. Volunteers assist locally and nationally, providing aid in evacuation, recovery centres, and disaster preparedness activities. Australian Red Cross offers internationally and nationally developed training in various areas. With over 3,400 emergency services volunteers nationwide, joining as a volunteer means becoming part of a long-standing movement aiding communities since 1914. Interested individuals can find more information at

Trial shows cannabis works

A CLINICAL trial using Australian medicinal cannabis oil, Cybis® THC:CBD oil, demonstrated a 38% median reduction in chronic neck and back pain. The trial involved adults unresponsive to over-the-counter analgesics and suffering chronic pain for around 10 years. The oil was well-tolerated and showed significant pain reduction, with improvements in mood, activity, and enjoyment of life. Unlike most studies, this one solely focused on medicinal cannabis, offering promising evidence for treating chronic pain. With opioid-related issues rising, medicinal cannabis could provide a safer alternative for many patients. Demand for quality medicinal cannabis globally is increasing rapidly.

Surge in building approvals

MAY 2023 building approvals data has shown a 59.4% surge in higher density home building approvals, while detached house approvals remained flat. Master Builders Australia welcomes the increase but warns of the need for sustained recovery and cautions against government-induced cost pressures. Lending figures indicate tough times ahead, with loans for new homes over 40% lower than last year. A sustained recovery in higher density building is crucial to address the rental market’s affordability crisis. The organization urges the RBA to hold rates, emphasizing the importance of avoiding unnecessary cost pressures through government regulation, which could hinder progress.


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