POLICE NEWS: Items fraudulently purchased with mobile phone account

ON Thursday March 18, a Harris Park resident saw two new Apple iPads had been charged to her mobile phone account and sent to another address.  It was established that the resident’s spouse received a call about month prior from a person claiming to be from the phone company, who stated they were entitled to a discount and asked them to provide information over the phone to verify their account details.  It would appear the information was then used to fraudulently purchase the items.  Inquiries are continuing, but police want to again remind members of the public not to provide information over the phone without verifying the identity of the caller; particularly when the contact is unexpected or unsolicited.

Man refused alcohol, hits staff member

ABOUT 7pm on Friday, March 19 a 66-year-old Parramatta man entered a grocery store located in North Parramatta where he selected a bottle of alcohol to purchase. The staff member at the counter refused to sell the alcohol believing the man to be intoxicated. Another staff member approached and asked to check the male’s backpack.  The man became aggressive and hit the staff member in the face, causing his mouth to swell and bleed. The man has been detained by witnesses until police arrived a short time later. The man was arrested and charged with assault.  He is due to appear before the Paramatta Local Court on April 24, 2021.


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