Police warning after woman scammed into handing over money

PARRAMATTA Police are warning residents to be wary of scams after a woman transferred money believing it was to be used to correct a visa issue.

About 10.14pm on Tuesday July 13, a Parramatta resident received several phone calls to her mobile phone which displayed Australian High Commission India.

After ignoring the calls several times, she has searched the number for the Australian High Commission India which was the same number that had been calling her phone.

The next time the number rang the resident answered where she was advised by a male that she had been identified as supplying incorrect information on her visa renewal and that she could face up to seven years imprisonment if she did not transfer the large amount of money required to have it corrected.

Fearful, the resident decided to transfer the money which was completed the same day.

The following day the resident realised she had been scammed but was unable to cancel the transfer as the money had already been received from what appears to be overseas.

Police would like to remind the public that scammers can ‘spoof’ numbers to make them appear legit and that agencies do not request money to settle matters of this nature.

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