Powerhouse Museum Parramatta receives $8M donation to support engineering and science in Western Sydney

ENGINEERING and science education will benefit from an $8M donation to the Powerhouse Museum in Parramatta by the Sir William Tyree Foundation supporting generations of students, particularly in Western Sydney.

Sir William Tyree, who built an engineering and manufacturing empire in south-west Sydney, was a passionate advocate for education and giving back.

This visionary donation from the Tyree Foundation will establish:

  • an Australian Engineering Summit to showcase research excellence and innovation while engaging future generations to embrace the endless possibilities of engineering. Delivered by the Powerhouse annually, the summit will bring together engineering leaders from Australia and around the world and will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, industry led workshops, and an industry expo.
  • an annual, free, hands-on engineering school holiday workshops for Year 7 to 10 students from Western Sydney. The Powerhouse will collaborate with TAFE NSW to devise programs that encourage students to learn about leading new technologies across engineering and science.
  • the Tyree Foundation Gallery, one of the most significant gallery spaces at Powerhouse Parramatta, will feature an impressive 2,000 square metres of floor space and an 8-metre-high ceiling. The gallery will present world-class immersive exhibitions related to the world of engineering and science.

Sir William Tyree was nationally and internationally honoured for his contribution to the engineering industry, including receiving a knighthood in 1975.

He transformed the Australian engineering, manufacturing and power industries and was a passionate advocate of transforming the future through education.

His family remains committed to South-West Sydney given the growth and expansion of their business from their original plant in Kingsgrove.

The Sir William Tyree Foundation was founded by Sir William Tyree and his family in the early 1970s. It has become one of Australia’s leading philanthropic organisations having established the University Chair of Electrical Engineering and Otolaryngology, Tyree Energy Technologies Building, the Tyree Foundation of Health Engineering (Tyree IHealthE) at UNSW and the University of Sydney Power Engineering Laboratory as well as supporting undergraduate engineering scholarships to tertiary students throughout Australia.

Minister for the Arts, John Graham said: “The programs that Tyree Foundation has so generously supported will bring together educators, researchers, and industry leaders to create new pathways for young people across NSW into future engineering and science jobs.

Robbie Fennell, Chair, Sir William Tyree Foundation said: “We are thrilled to partner with Powerhouse Parramatta. This investment reinforces the Sir William Tyree Foundation’s ongoing commitment to developing the next generation of Australian innovators, engineers, and entrepreneurs. We are very proud to support students across Western Sydney and NSW to actively pursue engineer-related education and careers and to catalyse multidisciplinary collaborations right here at Powerhouse Parramatta.’

About the Powerhouse Museum

Powerhouse sits at the intersection of arts, design, science and technology and plays a critical role in engaging communities with contemporary ideas and issues. We are undertaking a landmark $1.4B infrastructure renewal program, spearheaded by the creation of the flagship museum, Powerhouse Parramatta; expanded research and public facilities at Powerhouse Castle Hill; the renewal of the iconic Powerhouse Ultimo; and the ongoing operation of Sydney Observatory. The museum is custodian to over half a million objects of national and international significance and is considered one of the finest and most diverse collections in Australia. We are also undertaking an expansive digitisation project that will provide new levels of access to Powerhouse collections.

About Sir William Tyree Foundation

Founded by Sir William Tyree and his family in the early 1970’s, the Sir William Tyree Foundation has been an active philanthropic organisation operating in Australia right up to the current day. In its current form the Sir William Tyree Foundation is a deductible gift recipient (DGR), being a charitable organisation set up under the guidelines for a private ancillary fund (PAF). The Sir William Tyree Foundation receives the majority of its donations from the Tyree Group of Companies whose charter requires that that the Group donates up to 50% of its trading profits to the Sir William Tyree Foundation, with the balance of the profits held for reinvestment into the long-term growth of the businesses of the Tyree Group.

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