The Greens – Phil Bradley

The only Green candidate

PARRAMATTA Council’s only Greens councillor Phil Bradley is making climate change his main issue, considering the high temperatures experienced in the Western Suburbs.

As he has done on Council, Phil will continue to enthusiastically promote Greens’ policies, such as the need to achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, provide energy efficiency savings, reduce extreme urban heat and minimise waste.

““Days per year hotter than 40 C in Western Sydney are predicted to rise tenfold in our children’s lifetime “

Phil also will push for equitable policies on homelessness and affordable housing.

“We must address the realities of so many people in Parramatta suffering distress due to housing costs. The Greens support improved renters’ rights and much greater funding for public and social housing.”

Phil Bradley has lived in the Parramatta area with his partner Annie Nielsen for 27 years and has two daughters. He has been a civil engineer, TAFE teacher and Teachers Federation officer.

He has run for local, state and federal government several times and is now the Parramatta City’s first Greens councillor. Phil Bradley has received a National Volunteer Award for long term community involvement in Parramatta Climate Action Network, Reconciliation for Western Sydney, Parramatta Female Factory group and bush regeneration.

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