Trends revealed by Expedia: Travelers going the GOAT in 2022


TRAVELERS will have the GOAT mindset in 2022 according to industry leaders Expedia.

No, they won’t be chasing shaggy critters around foreign hills, you see GOAT stands for their next holiday being their Greatest of All Trips as they make up for lost time

When Expedia released its 2022 Travel Trends Report it revealed new traveler priorities that are shaking up the status quo.

As travel demand continues to grow, Expedia’s research shows that close to three quarters of Australians are planning to go big on their next trip with a new “no regrets” style of travel, dubbed as the “GOAT” or Greatest of All Trips mindset.

And we are trendsetters because globally, Australia is one of the top three countries to feel this way, just behind Korea and Singapore, indicating how strong the desire is to make up for lost time.

Appreciating that each trip is a privilege, travelers are in pursuit of fulfilling journeys, without holding back. Among the top GOAT characteristics uncovered by the Expedia report, which polled 12,000 travelers across 12 countries, travelers are planning to be more present and live in the moment,  splurge on experiences and seek out excitement.

Expedia Australia Travel Expert Lisa Perkovic said Australians had spent almost two years holding back, dreaming about and anticipating their next holiday.

“Now is the time to get make plans for what is set to be a huge year for travel. Coming out of such a long period of constraints and limitations, travel in 2022 will be about wringing every bit of richness and meaning out of our experiences.

“Despite some still feeling cautious towards travel, a new wave of excitement is bubbling as travelers chase travel greatness to get their GOAT.”

Expedia’s trends report showcases how Australians are embracing new habits as travel confidence grows:.

 Scrapping the Schedule

The pandemic made it difficult to travel or do anything on a whim, with 46% of Australians admitting to being less spontaneous since the onset of COVID-19. While travel advisories and guidelines will persist for the foreseeable future, Australian travelers nonetheless are planning to embrace the impromptu and let loose on their future trips, with 35% seeking to be more spontaneous and live in the moment.

Expedia’s research also found Australian travelers are preferring to go-with-the flow and forgo an itinerary. They embrace the freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

Expedia’s tip for achieving your GOAT: With more flexible options and rates available than ever before, there’s no better time to explore last-minute trips and unknown adventures that might just help travelers find their GOAT.

The Splurge-cation

After cancelled trips, postponed celebrations and foregoing simple luxuries, people will have a new lease on life in 2022. Travelers are ready to make up for lost time and put themselves first to get the GOAT they deserve.

During the next year, almost half of Australians are willing to treat themselves and spend more on their next trip, prioritising their enjoyment over budget. From luxury hotels at 17%, to dining at hatted restaurants 17% or going all out on the ultimate shopping spree 21%, there will be no expenses spared as travelers look to invest in making their trips one of their greatest yet.

Expedia’s tip for achieving your GOAT: If you’re looking to treat yourself, why not opt for a luxe city getaway? According to Expedia data from the last two years, the best time to travel to a city is in February, where you can save almost 40%, compared to travelling in December, which is on average the most expensive month for city travel.

 Immerse to Discover

Going big doesn’t just mean taking a bucket-list trip. In the coming year, travelers are going after their GOAT by going beyond the norm, with more willing to step outside their comfort zone and immerse themselves in a destination, culture and experiences completely different to their own . After many months of confinement, travelers are craving experiences different to their own where they can develop a deeper sense of knowledge for the local community.

From embracing food they’ve never eaten before, seeking more rural, off-the-beaten track experiences  to visiting a destination they never would have considered pre-pandemic Australians have a new curiosity to learn and experience the world.

Expedia’s tip for achieving your GOAT: Slow travel is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a destination. Be sure to allow plenty of time in each destination, so you can visit not just well-known tourist attractions, but also lesser-known local recommendations, to develop a deeper sense of knowledge. Giving yourself enough time to explore the area and connect with locals can make all the difference.

 Sensation Seeking

In 2022, travelers aren’t just craving new tastes and places, they want to feel something. For Australians, a sense of gratification, like they’ve made the most of the trip and excitement and exhilaration is what they’re craving most. When it comes to their next trip, having an unforgettable night out, sleeping under the stars and having a holiday fling  are just some of the things travelers are willing to do, to ensure they have the best trip of their life.

Interestingly, 12% of Australians want to skinny dip – the highest of any country and tied with France – with one in ten willing to try daring or high adrenaline activities and feel a sense of danger or riskiness on their next trip.


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