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THERE is a special place up in the Dundas Valley called the Allowah Children’s Hospital where the sun is always shining on those in need.

The sun in question is the love and care given to those who are in need of this oasis in our city.

Called Allowah Presbyterian Children’s Hospital, it truly is a very special and unique place.

It is a local hospital that also cares for and supports families of children with a wide range of complex health needs.

Given the current Covid climate, Allowah has continued caring for children and their families during a very difficult time.

Of particular interest is the program called ‘MyTime’ that it runs during school terms for parents and caregivers.

“Our ‘MyTime’ provides a place where parents and caregivers can share ideas and experiences and socialise with others in similar circumstances,” Family Liaison and Care Coordinator Taryn Clausing said.

“Many people caring for a child report feeling isolated or disconnected from family, friends and community. Research indicates that peer support groups can help families find out more about the support and services in their local community,” Taryn said.

The ‘MyTime’ support group is on Tuesday mornings from 10:30am-12pm (see details below).

”We really want to be known in the community as a support for families and caregivers of children with health needs and disabilities. We can provide all types of support for our local community,” Taryn said.

The Allowah story is fascinating. It has become renowned as a hospital that provides quality medical and allied health care to children with complex disabilities and health needs.

“We provide children and their carers with respect, dignity, emotional and spiritual support within a Christian environment in a way that maximises their quality of life,” Taryn said.

Centre for excellence

“Our vision is to be a centre of excellence, providing quality child and family centred medical and allied health care, along with physical and spiritual support to children with complex disabilities and health needs.

“We strive to be a source of encouragement, education and resources for other providers, and a place that seeks justice and shows mercy for children and their families,” Taryn said.

Allowah is certainly a modern, bright and light hospital with 44 beds in the Dundas Valley.

It cares for children and young people up to the age of 18 who have physical and intellectual disabilities such as genetic or chromosomal disorders, birth trauma, cerebral palsy, head injuries and conditions acquired after birth.

It cares for children with complex health care and rehabilitation needs and children with requirements for tracheostomy care or home ventilation.

The facility can also provide services for children with home total parenteral nutrition (TPN). The multidisciplinary approach to care at Allowah is key to its model of care.

Its Christian values are built on humility, integrity and truth, compassion and justice. The ‘MyTime’ support group is on Tuesday mornings from 10:30am-12pm.

Here is the link to information about the MyTime: https://mytime.net.au Details: Taryn.Clausing@allowah.org.au

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