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PARRAMATTA has officially become one of the great cities of the world with a special edition of the world-famous board game Monopoly to be launched next year.

It is great news for the city which is going from strength to strength internationally. 

And you have made it on the world stage when Monopoly brings out a special version of their famous board game featuring your city.

Generations of Australians have their spare time buying Pall Mall and putting hotels on The Strand or houses on Old Kent Rd.

Now they can buy a hotel for downtown Parra or put a house or two on a nice, handy block in Church St.

You see, it is up to our readers to suggest the locations you would like to see on the new edition.

Parramatta is Sydney’s second largest city loved for its rich history, multicultural food and art scene, and major league sports teams. 

Now the area has another exciting accolade to celebrate, with the announcement of the official Parramatta Monopoly set to be released in March. 

 Parramatta locals are encouraged to have their say on which locations they would like to see featured on the board via the official Paramatta Monopoly Facebook and Instagram pages.

Monopoly is owned by Hasbro and produced and distributed in Australia by Winning Moves.

Winning Moves representative Dale Hackett said: “We encourage people to have their say on the landmarks and attractions they want to see on the board so we can ensure that Parramatta Monopoly encapsulates what locals love about the city.”

“This version will be everything you love about the traditional board, with the added fun of fighting for the ownership of familiar locations around Paramatta.

“Would you prefer to see Parramatta Stadium, Church Street Mall, or Parramatta Park on there – or all of them?! Which location do you think deserves to be Mayfair?

“Now is the time to let us know and get involved in creating this limited-edition board.”

 Monopoly first hit the shelves in 1935 – since then it has been played by more than one billion people. Today, it is played in 114 countries and enjoyed in more than 47 different languages. 

The new Monopoly: Parramatta Edition will be available in March from leading toy retailers across the region. 

About Hasbro

The world’s leading global play and entertainment company whose portfolio includes:

Monopoly, Transformers, Dungeons and Dragons, My Little Pony, Play Doh, Power Rangers, Peppa Pig and Nerf.

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