Newborn sleep expert’s views

NICOLE Ossip, a leading newborn sleep specialist, highlights a lack of education for new Zoomer and millennial parents on caring for newborns, resulting in stress and anxiety. Ossip addresses the issue through her ‘Asleep in 12’ program, helping parents prepare and cope with their new baby’s arrival. The program, available in person, virtually, and soon online, boasts a proven method for newborns to sleep 12-hour nights within 12 weeks, offering valuable support beyond consultations to alleviate the challenges of parental sleep deprivation.

Support for silica ban

THE NSW Government has initiated a six-month campaign addressing silica dust exposure in construction and tunnelling. Silicosis, often linked to manufactured stone, poses risks during tunnelling, demolition, and excavation. SafeWork NSW inspectors will focus on these areas, ensuring compliance with regulations, discussing risk management with workers, and issuing stop work notices if necessary. Silicosis, a lethal lung disease, is on the rise in Australian workers. The government supports a national ban on manufactured stone and has passed laws for a silica worker register. Minister Sophie Cotsis emphasizes the campaign’s goal to safeguard workers and promote safer workplaces in NSW.

Building Commission has opened

THE Building Commission NSW, NSW’s first dedicated building regulator, officially opened, fulfilling an election promise by the Minns Labor Government. Led by Commissioner David Chandler, the agency aims to enhance compliance, safety, and durability in the building sector. With a $24M budget, the agency becomes a one-stop-shop for sector regulation, licensing, and oversight. The government emphasizes quality over quantity in addressing the housing supply crisis, investing in expanding the Building Commissioner’s powers, elevating the sector’s importance, and supporting smaller builders. NSW also introduces Decennial Liability Insurance for defect coverage, a pioneering move in Australia.

Register for Clean Up Australia

CLEAN Up Australia is urging Australians to register for Clean Up Australia Day 2024, scheduled for March 3, 2024. With over 760,000 participants in 2023, the event aims to mobilise communities for immediate environmental action. Pip Kiernan, Chair of Clean Up Australia, emphasises the event’s impact in raising awareness about waste prevention. Volunteers collect various litter types, including vapes and cigarette butts. Registration is open, providing free Clean Up kits for individuals, families, and community groups. Donations are welcomed to support environmental initiatives. Register or donate at

Govt joins bid to end epidemics
NSW has joined a global initiative involving over 500 cities committed to ending HIV epidemics by 2030, signing the Paris Declaration on Fast-Track Cities. The Govt cites NSW’s progress toward virtually eliminating HIV and emphasizes the need to combat stigma. The agreement targets zero HIV-related stigma, with goals for HIV testing, treatment, and viral load suppression. NSW Chief Health Officer, Dr. Kerry Chant, highlights partnerships with organisations like ACON, aiming to eliminate transmissions and AIDS-related deaths by 2030. The initiative marks a significant milestone in Australia’s collective commitment to ending the national HIV epidemic.

Disney leads most discussions
DISNEY emerges as the most discussed stock on social media, according to a study by City Index. Analyzing S&P 500 companies on TikTok and Instagram, Disney leads with 80 million views and 6,151 videos featuring hashtags like #disneystock. Netflix follows with 13 million views, Amazon ranks third with 5.9 million views, and Tesla secures fourth place. Walmart rounds out the top five. The study indicates a growing interest in stock discussions on social media, with videos on the top 10 companies amassing over 117 million views.

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