Test your password strength

THE NSW Government has introduced a Password Strength Tester tool to promote stronger password protection. This online tool checks if a password has been breached previously and estimates the time it would take for a hacker to crack it. Short, simple passwords are vulnerable, taking just seconds to break, while longer, more complex passwords can be virtually impenetrable. The tool assures anonymity, with no data collection. Users are encouraged to avoid saving passwords and use trusted password managers. Cybercrimes cost millions annually, and NSW residents can seek help from ID Support NSW if their identity is compromised. Online safety tips are available on the www.digital.nsw.gov.au. The Password Strength Tester is available at www.nsw.gov.au/id-support-nsw/passwords.

Cameras to enforce seatbelt compliance 

MOBILE phone detection cameras will start enforcing seatbelt compliance in a new safety push aimed at reducing needless deaths on NSW roads each year.  The NSW Government will add seatbelt compliance to the work of the existing mobile phone detection camera network after a public awareness campaign and a nine-month period in which warning letters rather than fines will be issued. In the five years to 2022, 142 lives were lost on NSW roads in fatal crashes in which victims were travelling in a vehicle but not wearing a seatbelt. Despite five decades of enforcement and public awareness campaigns, more than 10,000 people a year are still fined for not wearing a seatbelt. 

Reduced access to dental care
THE Australian Dental Association New South Wales (ADA NSW) is warning about the potential consequences of applying payroll tax to dental practices. With over 23,000 people on the public dental waitlist in regional NSW and a shortage of dentists, the ADA NSW is concerned that imposing payroll tax could lead to increased fees and reduced access to dental care. The Federal Australian Dental Association has called on state leaders to grant dentists the same payroll tax amnesty given to doctors. The ADA NSW estimates that up to 60% of dental practices could be affected, leading to retrospective tax penalties and uncertainty for practice operators. 

Addressing overcrowded emergency units

THE NSW Government is addressing overcrowded emergency departments by creating Safe Assessment Units at Prince of Wales and Nepean hospitals. These units will support individuals with behavioral issues related to drugs and alcohol, providing a calm environment for assessment and treatment. A multidisciplinary team will handle patient care. This approach has been successful in improving patient outcomes, reducing sedation and restraint use, and shortening ED stays. The units are set to begin operation early next year, complementing St Vincent’s Hospital’s existing services, and will coordinate with the community health sector for post-discharge support.

Bendigo named top bank

BENDIGO Bank has been named Australia’s most trusted bank for the second consecutive year, according to the Roy Morgan Trusted Brand Awards. The bank’s CEO and Managing Director, Marnie Baker, expressed gratitude to their 2.4 million customers and attributed the recognition to the hard work of the bank’s people, their customer-centered approach, quality products, friendly service, and digital offerings. Bendigo Bank’s commitment to community prosperity and trust-building contributed to their back-to-back wins. The bank’s customer numbers increased by 10% over the year, and it was also recognized as the most trusted agribusiness bank among Australian farmers by Roy Morgan.

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