Warning to protect fragile eyesight in summer

PARRAMATTA residents are among those risking damage to their eyesight with recent findings showing 40 percent don’t bother wearing UV-protected sunglasses.

An estimated 79,000 residents in this city have not worn sunglasses despite UV levels in Parramatta are “extreme in summer.”

Australia is one of the countries with highest rates of skin cancer cases.

Local Specsavers optometrist Jenny Tam said: “It’s worrying to hear that 40% of people are still not wearing sunglasses.

“It’s important that we all understand the long-term damage of the sun on our eyes and how to prevent it,” she said/

“While our eyelids are designed to protect our eyes, the skin around our eyes is very thin and contains fragile tissues that can easily be damaged by UV light.”

The effects are serious, Ms Tam said, citing melanoma, cataracts and macular degeneration among treatable cancers and ailments that can be prevented by doing the right thing.

Specsavers has commissioned the research on 1,016 people aged 18 years old and older, revealing more than half of adult Australians have no clear idea about the signs of sun damage to their eyes.

On average, the research found Australians spend at least two hours outside in the sun during summer, and nearly half of them don’t wear sunglasses.

If they wear sunglasses, the respondents said they choose sunglasses based on how it looks on them rather than picking a style with recommended level of UV protection.

“Locals should know what to look for when choosing sunglasses,” Ms Tam said. “Just as sunscreen is critical for your skin, ensure you are wearing sunglasses with UV protection.”

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